I was always afraid to ask

I wanted to see, I wanted to feel,

Desperate, so badly,

Yearning for a key

Thirsty, needing recovery

Won’t you just show me?

How much do you hide

Behind the mask upon your face?

Hunger, running through my veins

Craving, to get you out of these chains

I tried, and I tried

To get you untied

How can that much disgrace,

Make me want to embrace

Won’t you just show me?

Won’t you just hand me the key?



Dreaming about the day

When I can hold you and tell you to stay

To feel your flames

To get lost in your embrace

I want to be trapped in your chains

Am I crazy to want these stains?

Can someone tell me,

How can I feel safe with such a beast?

To my eyes, he was such a feast

And when he took off is cape,

I bet, for him, it was like an escape

Shivering, his body aching, his hands trembling

For so long, he’s been hiding

Blinded, frustrated, always isolated…



Now I can see, now I can feel

What was hidden behind this mask of steel

A perfect face, worth more than a million phrase

Eyes that can hold an entire space

Body that can take you to another place

Hair that flows like the surface of the sea

Now I’m the one who needs mercy

And then, my heart began to race…



He opened his mouth to speak

I’m trying not to seem weak

He said: you were always able to see

Through my mask, the real me

And now you can see

Your reflection in me…