~In His Name, We Pray~


One door closed, ten more newly open

This feeling exposed, and no I’m not broken


Maybe I’m just trying to reopen, old ways, old doors

Yet I know it will only get me to my deepest floors


Maybe this is not what I’ve chosen

But it’s surely what is written

And to Him, who has written,

I shall listen.


Because he gave me wings, and he gave me life

I have found my wings, so now I will fly

But I also have anchors, to keep me on ground

To bring me back when I get too high

And so I will never live in a lie.


Because reality, reality always hits.

Then you feel your dream that slips

And you feel like you’re unbound

You see, it may slip, but never underground

He doesn’t want your suffering, he wants you to enjoy this bliss

So if he ever lets your dream slip, it’s because he was preparing your real fits.

And reality is not always for the bad scripts.


They may say those are only myths, but they are not only myths

This is when reality hits,

When beautiful reality hits,

This is when he will bind himself to you

This is when you will finally be found.


~In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit~