Combination Of

~Fire And Ice~


You say you don’t know what love is
While each word you say is the definition of a hidden love, burried so deep that maybe no one could ever find..

But let me tell you something, i’m willing to keep digging until forever just so I can know what you’re feeling deep inside..

You say you only know mental love, well let me tell you, that this girl to whom you’re writing all your poems for, doesn’t even know what love is.. And no, i don’t hate, this is not what i have learned and definitely not what my savior wants me to be, it’s just that, no matter how deep down your love is burried, mine is, and will always be burried deeper..

You say I spit venom, you say that my words are just knives that I’m throwing at you, and you’re gonna be the one to stop them with your bullets? But guess what? Those knives that you think I’m throwing, you were only meant to take them off, just to pull them out of my skin, throw them away and heal their scars with your words, those words that fall from your eyes, like beautiful rain, watering my thirsty heart, that never knew what it’s like to be watered.. This heart, it only feels like a frozen ocean, you talk about your cold soul, well look at me, I’m the Ice Queen..

There’s a war in front of us, and i’m just standing here, preparing my weapons, not knowing if I’m supposed to fight this war, to get you to show me what it’s like to feel your heat, or if I have to fight you and win this war, to keep this thrown to myself and still be the head of my cold kingdom..

So throw your fires at me, and I will keep hitting you with my thunders..
We both have our own storms, maybe one day, we will form a tornado, and head to the afterlife, knowing that there is someone who will catch us and heal us from all this misery..