The air to my lungs

The beat to my heart

When I was still young

And you, my work of art


The colors to my eyes

The reason why I always start

To believe your wicked lies

And inhale them as they tear me apart



Trying to express this pain


Running through my veins


Eating inside my brain



They burn me


They are burning me


Burning my frozen throat

Burning my ice cold heart

Increasing all this hurt

Till the deepest part



They end me


They are ending me




Inhaling them, as if I’m inhaling you

Only to know

That they were never you

You, the air to my lungs

Cigarettes, the poison that will always hurt

And it will always hurt

To know that I will never breathe you again

To know that I will never smell you again

You, the air to my lungs

You, the beat to my heart


Only cigarettes…

But they are burning me

Only cigarettes…

But they are chocking me




I wanted to turn you into ashes

But it turned around,

I wanted to leave you with their ashes

But look what I found,

My Cigarettes,

They are the ones turning me into ashes

And now I have drowned

Deep beneath the ground

And one day your ashes will surround me

Along with the ashes of my cigarettes



They are all that’s left


I’ve become obsessed

But this time, not with you

With my long lasting cigarettes…