Dreamy Destination



I keep on running, and running…

Fleeing, then freezing,

Believing, then again, back to dreaming…

But, there’s something, confusing,

Until when, should I keep on running?


Sometimes it feels like there’s no destination 

Although, I know my determination

I know my real reputation

I’m never giving in to this frustration

Never did, never will

I see something, right there at the end of the horizon

It feels like it’s waiting for me…


Is this my reason?

What if this is not my season?

To go there and seize it while I still can

What if this is not my season?

What if this is my killing poison?

What? Killing? Dying? I’m not afraid of dying.

I don’t care if I’m sinking,

I’ll be sinking right into my heaven

Everything I love, everything I want,

It’s right there in front of me

So I will keep on running

I’m not afraid of freezing, not even of the fire that’s burning

This is the perfect combination for winning

And i never lose, I’ll keep on winning

Forever believing, and yes I will keep on dreaming

Without my dreams, I could never do anything

And with my beliefs, I can do everything

My temptation or my salvation

This will be My Creation

So I will keep on running

And I will reach my destination.