~The Light To My Soul~



They all follow these voices inside their heads

Thinking they are their instinct

While they are just their demons

Haunting them, crashing them down, and taking their faith away from them…

All they want is to distance you from yourself

Like magnets, dragging you down under their blankets

As you feel this fake warmth, you keep walking on these thorns

Thinking you’re following what’s light…

But Darling, don’t you know how beautiful it can be at night?

Because not everything colorful is right

And sometimes darkness can be your knight…

The light allows you to see, but not all the good things are bright,

Don’t go on this footpath,

Just because you can “see” the path,

You don’t always have to go through the dirt,

And expect to stay unhurt,

You don’t always have to fight everything in your way

Just because you think that this light will save your day…



Walking in the dark is prettier than a precious stone

As long as you know who the real light is,

You shall never fear an unknown

He’s not the kind of light that your eyes see

He’s the light that can heal your soul and set it free



He’s walking right beside you,

You don’t have to open your eyes to see

Just look inside you heart and you’ll see

Your Most Precious Three…


~In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit~